1. Korean transportation card

 In Korea, you can use T-money card and Seoul City Pass card for paying transportation fees. T-money card is the most popular transportation card Korean use. You can purchase it for KRW 2,500~3,000 in a nearby convenience store. It looks like the Figure 1. T-money is rechargeable card, you have to charge enough cash in T-money to use, and you can charge it in a convenience store. It pays once KRW 1,000~3,000 for getting on a bus or subway.

Above this, there is Seoul City Pass card, the means of payment for tourists. Seoul City Pass card can be purchased in the convenience store like CU, GS25, etc. () The image of Seoul City Pass card is in the Figure 2.

In Incheon airport, there are convenience stores on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal. You can see them near the exit number 5, 11 and 14 as indicated in Supplement 2. There are three types of Seoul City Pass card, which valid for one day, two days, and three days. The prices are KRW 15,000, KRW 25,000 and KRW 35,000, respectively. You can use this card for Seoul subway, Incheon subway, and Seoul city bus 20 times a day(total 40 times for 2 days, 60 times for 3 days). However, you cannot use this card on 9th line subway in Seoul because the owner is different. More information is in http://www.seoulcitypass.com/


2. How to get from Incheon Airport, COEX.

 There are several ways to go to COEX from Incheon Airport. First, you can take a taxi. You can easily find a taxi station near the Bus Terminal of Incheon Airport. The taxi fare to COEX is maybe KRW 50,000~60,000. (Sometimes it can be near KRW 70,000)

 Second, you can take a bus number 6704 at the platform number any of 4A, 5B, 6A or 6B. You can purchase the bus ticket on the ticket office near the bus platform. Then get off a bus at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel Station. (Supplement 3.)

After that, you should go to the north gate of COEX as indicated in Supplement 3. The picture of the north gate is Supplement 4. Then you can take an elevator to get on the Auditorium on third floor.